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What Online Clinical Dentistry Journal Set Out To Achieve

journal of clinical dentistry

The online space is now universal. It reaches far more stakeholders than ever before. It is a far cry from paper weights, in more ways than one. That being said, the online journal of clinical dentistry far outstrips the hard cover and paper journals still in use today. The online journal does set out to achieve the following objectives. It always strives to exercise professional responsibility. Today, it practices environmental responsibility, just by simply going paperless.

And what with the journal being online, the interactive and live capabilities are able to encourage all stakeholders to exercise better accountability and always cooperate with each other. This journal covers implants and all aspects of advanced clinical dentistry. It is run by a small team of certified practitioners. As a truly interactive dental journal, a far more worthwhile and sustainable enterprise has been provided in lieu of traditional but required peer review practices and direct sales and notifications on newly developed technologies and its apparatus.

Peer review research submitted to the online journal is still original in force. All online reviews and the discussion of clinical techniques, new and old, will remain authoritative, given that the stakeholders involved in these online and interactive exercises are all practicing professionals, one way or another. An editorial team is also in place. This ensures that all submissions to the online base continue to be of high quality and contribute towards the advancement of the dental profession.

Astoundingly, just one print run of one traditional journal could be using up over one and a half million pages of paper. In total, over thirty million pages are being printed each and every month. But with the online journal, not a shred of paper goes to waste, in more ways than one.